Приветствие Tran Trong Toan,
исполнительного директора АТЭС

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

Economic Cooperation


2 October 2006

Dear Madam Irina Gorbulina, President of the Russian Academy of Business, Distinguished participants,

On the auspicious occasion of the inauguration of the International Economic Forum "Russia — the Asia-Pacific: Towards Strategic Economic Partnership and Civilization-to-Civilization Dialogue", which is happily taking place in the beautiful and economically vibrant capital city of Moscow on 9-10 October 2006, on behalf of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Secretariat, I would like to extend to you all our warmest congratulations and appreciation for organizing this important event.

The Asia-Pacific has, over the past decades, become the most dynamic region in terms of economic development. It is now home to the largest and fastest growing economies in the world, accounting for over 60% of world GDP and more than 50% of world trade. The Asia-Pacific region is also vastly diverse in its political, economic, social and cultural systems. It is for the first time in its history after the Second World War, people in the region could enjoy peace and stability, which are conducive to enhancing cooperation for development and prosperity. In this region, APEC, for the past one and half decades of its existence, has derived its strength from unity in diversity and has become the prime engine of economic growth and development. It is anticipated that in striving to attain APEC's goals of free and open trade and investment, APEC will be the largest economic grouping in the world by the year 2020.

Recognizing the importance of the Asia-Pacific, Russia, with the major part of her territory belonging to the region, has long developed her multi-faceted relationship with this part of the world. After joining APEC in 1998, Russia has increasingly participated in the political, economic, social and cultural cooperation processes in the region. She has played an important role as a factor for peace, stability and cooperation for development in the Asia-Pacific. Russia has actively taken part in addressing the challenges facing the region by cooperating with other APEC member economies. She has enjoyed rather high economic growth for a number of consecutive years. The commerce occurring along the vast coastline in Russia's far east, especially through the strategic deepwater ports on the Pacific Rim, all contribute to attaining APEC's lion share in world GDP and trade. Russia is deeply invested in Asian affairs and is an important trade and investment partner among APEC member economies. Participation in APEC has provided a bridge for Russia to become an important player in the Asia-Pacific as a whole.

The International Economic Forum, which is taking place today, is another important event as it has attracted wide participation from government officials, business and academic circles, non-governmental and inter-governmental organizations. The forum covers a vast spectrum of issues of strategic significance relating to Russia's relations and orientations of Russia's engagement with the Asia-Pacific. The issues to be discussed at this forum such as economic integration, trade and investment, energy and transportation, scientific and technical cooperation, raw materials and regional ecological security, dialogue on cultures and civilizations, new economy and public-private partnership, etc. are highly relevant to APEC. The forum can serve as an additional useful channel of linkage and cooperation between Russia and the Asia-Pacific region.

We highly appreciate Russia's aspiration to become an increasingly active part of the Asia-Pacific. This is for the long-term benefits of the people of both Russia and the Asia-Pacific. Russia's participation is also in the interest of peace, stability and cooperation for development and prosperity in our region and the world over. I am firmly confident that with the broad and active participation of all delegates here, the Forum will shed clear light on many essential issues with a view to advancing the multi-sided and fruitful cooperation between Russia and the Asia-Pacific partners.

With this in mind, I would like to warmly welcome all the participants and express our best wishes for the great success of the Forum.

Yours sincerely

Tran Trong Toan
Tran Trong Toan
Ambassador and Executive Director